A Labyrinth of wellbeing

A Labyrinth for health

Walking is known to be good for the management of stress and as an effective anti-depressant. Walking a Labyrinth is a special focused form of walking.

For those of us continuously driven to attain goals in life and at work, the Labyrinth provides an exercise in relaxation. In going with the flow, we know that we can enjoy the journey for its own sake and relax in the knowledge that the goal will be there waiting for us when we arrive. This ‘letting go’ process of walking the labyrinth calms the busy mind. This allows for an inner reflection and contemplation, and a more creative problem-solving thinking process.

“Solvitur ambulando” (It is solved by walking) Saint Augustine

A Labyrinth for the Spirit

Speculations about pre-Christian Labyrinths suggest various uses, such as, a path representing the journey through life to, or beyond, death, a means of trapping evil spirits, or a ritual to protect the traveller from harm.

There are many accounts of the use of the Labyrinth in medieval Christianity. It was used in a very practical way as a substitute form of pilgrimage, often made on the knees, for those unable to travel to Jerusalem. Also it served as an illustration of the single path to salvation, or as an aid to prayer, meditation or penitence.

In the middle of the 20th Century Labyrinths began to be used afresh for exploring and developing Spirituality. This revival came not only from Christianity, but also from people stepping outside traditional religions. This New Age movement was seeking a personal spirituality not mediated or interpreted by institutions. Interest has grown steadily to the present day, and the Labyrinth is a popular vehicle, both within and without the Church, for making this spiritual journey.

A Labyrinth for Fun

The invitation of the Labyrinth is hard to resist and easy to enjoy. An outdoor space surrounded by the green of Nature, and in a City setting, offers an absorbing and healthy alternative to the computer games console.

The path is approximately 320 metres long. If you walk in and out again you will have walked more than 1⁄2 kilometre. In and out three times and you will have walked more than 1 mile.


A Labyrinth for Community

The Labyrinth will be a shared community space, and will attract all ages and abilities. It provides a nice mix of gentle, accessible exercise, but also the possibility of chance encounters with others from the City’s very diverse community. This will encourage conversation as well as contemplation. These things all promote wellbeing and enhance the quality of our lives.

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