Supporters of Herefords Labyrinth

Supporters Of The Hereford Labyrinth


Halo is excited to support the development of a Labyrinth attraction adjacent to its recreation facility at Hereford Leisure Pool. The proposed location on the picturesque banks of the River Wye would complement the leisure facilities already in the area – leisure centre, swimming pool, bike hire, putting green, tennis courts. The Labyrinth supports our mission of ‘Creating Healthier Communities’ by making a quiet place where the simple act of walking offerers a proactive way to ‘do’ something, and is a different and inviting way of getting exercise outdoors that also facilitates mental well being.
Alex Haines Partnership Manager

ArchaeologyThe Hereford Labyrinth presents the perfect opportunity to make connections to the diverse archaeological landscapes of Herefordshire. The county is well-known for its ancient earth and stone-built monuments, a tradition that stretches back some 6,000 years. Nestled close to the medieval and civil war boundary bank and ditch and just across the river from the old castle site, cathedral and the heart of the old city, the labyrinth is ideally situated to celebrate this connection we have with place, time and human creativity.
Charles Arthur BSc. MSc. Archaeology, University of Oxford.

The Hereford Civic SocietyThe Hereford Civic Society are intrigued by this proposal. It is well researched, has local connections and is unobtrusive. A centre of interest in Bishops Meadow seems to be an excellent idea. How good to see a proposal that is positive and fully respects the immediate environment.
John Bothamley, Chairman

LabryrinthosThe creation of a public labyrinth in the heart of Hereford will create an opportunity for visitors and residents alike to walk and experience the same labyrinth design that appears on the celebrated Mappa Mundi in Hereford Cathedral. This exact same design occurs on the paved floors of medieval churches and cathedrals in France and Italy, as well as cut into the turf on village greens and hilltops here in the British Isles, from Tudor times onwards. Another turn will be added to this complex and circuitous history with the construction of the Hereford Labyrinth.
Jeff Saward. Author and Director of Labyrinthos.

Hereford User’s Group (HUG)The Labyrinth is a quite inspired idea. I particularly like the source – the Mappa Mundi. I can see that it could become a wonderful resource for school children as well as a very unusual and effective tourist/visitor draw. I recently visited the Chartres cathedral, where there is a sizeable maze built into the nave floor – apparently it is a huge draw in itself, let alone its place in a world heritage site.
John Hitchin

New LeafIn our work with New Leaf we recognise that engaging people in meaningful experiences in a natural setting enables a deepening awareness of self in nature, and enhances personal wellbeing. In this instance feelings of wellbeing would include simultaneous connections with the local environment, with community, and with our local heritage via the Mappa Mundi. The Labyrinth would be a beneficial addition to Hereford city, offering a moment of connection, and time for reflection on self and environment.
Kate Gathercole

Hereford Guild of GuidesThe committee of the Hereford Guild of Guides consider that the design and idea of a labyrinth to be installed on Bishops’ Meadows would be an added attraction for visitors and local people. We take some riverside walks along the path nearby. It would also be of interest during the river festival.
Jean O’Donnell MBE, President

Feral ProductionsAs a freelance arts practitioner I am so excited to hear about this project. I love the fact that it is multi-purposed and has the potential to touch people from all walks of life. It’s a powerful symbol in sacred geometry, pays homage to the history of the city and will be fun for children and adults alike, bringing a new focal point and landmark to a beautiful and active area of town.
Estelle van Warmelo, Artistic Director

BrightstripeCongratulations for great progress, and we look forward to promoting and utilising the labyrinth in our quest to bring wellbeing to communities in Herefordshire.
Warm Regards, Leoni Linton, Development Manager

R88 Media

We wish you all the best and hope this website raises public awareness for such a worthwhile cause.
Warm Regards, R88 Media Team

Hereford Cathedral

Hereford is a place full of history and potential.  It attracts visitors and tourists from across the world, who come here to visit its historic cathedral –the Mappa Mundi and Chained Library and the many other historic attractions of city and county.  Part of our task, as a community is, I think, to bring alive these historical associations so that, to the present generation, they become not simply artefacts of a scarcely-imagined past, but as a living, breathing reality. 

I see the development of the Hereford Labyrinth in this way.  Here is a part of the ancient Mappa Mundi – clearly seen on this 13th century treasure, which has many resonances – spiritual, geographical, mythical, recreational.  Yes, all these things are there in the symbol of the Labyrinth and have always been part of its special significance, but they are only really brought alive by participating in the journey around a human-scale replica.  I have myself seen these ‘living Labyrinths’ in situ and have even participated in the journey on the one at Grace Cathedral, San Francisco, USA – it was an instructive and fun experience!   Such a Labyrinth at Hereford will hugely help to bring alive some of its long and rich historical tradition and I wholeheartedly support the project.

The Dean of Hereford, the Very Reverend Michael Tavinor

Mental Health Lead Herefordshire CCG

What a lovely idea! There is a clear need for shared community spaces, and this is a nice mix of gentle, accessible exercise, an opportunity for reflection but also chance encounters with others – I have no doubt this will encourage both conversation and contemplation. These things all promote wellbeing and enhance the quality of our lives.  I think this works on so many levels and it will be lovely to see it come to fruition!
Dr Simon Lennane

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